A Word from the Owner

T.W. Brown contracting was founded with a vision of becoming a diverse contracting services firm. Although we have our strengths, we do not limit ourselves to a certain market, role or project structure. We embrace creativity when approaching potential clients or projects and strive to find the place in which we can benefit the client the most depending on the situation at hand.

We are a company that will spend time to truly understand the client’s needs and then in turn, develop better solutions for those needs or challenges. We realize that often, there is no need to assist the client with conceptual services but simply to execute the needs of the client efficiently.
T.W. Brown Contracting thrives on accelerated schedules and can literally work around the clock in order to meet the demands of your project should the need arise. At T.W. Brown contracting, we believe that relationships are our most important asset. We will do whatever it takes to maintain those client relationships through unmatched service in all instances. Let us show you how easy it can be on your next project.
Tyler Brown


Michael J. Leonard
Water Operations Manager
City of Roswell, Georgia

I have worked with Mr. Tyler Brown over the last two years on a $15,000,000 new water plant construction project as the Construction Manager and Owner’s Representative.  I have found Mr. Brown to extremely helpful when problems arise and he has the ability to analyze any situation and come up with workable solutions to the benefit of all parties concerned.  He also has excellent people and communication skills.

I would highly recommend him for any project that he wants to undertake. 

Danelle Murray, P. E.
Senior Technical Analyst
City of Roswell

Mr. Brown has consistently exhibited broad abilities, skills and knowledge of general contracting. He is careful, thoughtful and thorough. Mr. Brown has shown himself to be a person of high integrity. He is honest and works hard to achieve solutions which result in a positive outcome for all sides. He is skillful and knowledgeable.  

David Jaeger, PE
Project Engineer
Mallett Consulting, Inc.

T.W. Brown Contracting completed the Fayette County Justice Center Sidewalk Extension project in a very effective, professional manner. From start to finish they were responsive, cooperative and made a strong effort to assure quality workmanship and Owner satisfaction. We welcome T.W. Brown Contracting as a bidder and contractor on future projects.

Russell E. Hancock Jr.
City Of Thomasville

My name is Russell Hancock, I am the chief operator of the Thomasville Water Treatment Plant that Mr. Tyler Brown was involved in Building for us. I was also involved in inspecting the Build back in 2012, 2013 and from what I observed of Mr. Brown his ability to be knowledgeable of all aspects of such build. I would highly recommend him to any one that was planning a build, water plant to laying pipe we wouldn’t hesitate to have him back to build another plant or extension to our existing plant as we may in the future.  

William Stark
Vice President
Stream Realty

T.W. Brown was great to work with from initial bid to punch list. Tyler and his team reacted immediately and professionally to all of the surprises that came up in the construction process. Additionally, they stayed true to budget and went the extra mile to assure a quality project. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hands-on approach to their construction work. 

Laura Dzwigalski
Peachtree City, GA

I had a great experience working with TW Brown Contracting. They kept the site tidy as they worked, they communicated very well with me, they patiently answered all of my questions, and they adapted well to all of the minor bumps in the road that came up. All of the subcontractors they worked with were also friendly and professional.

When talking to one of my neighbors in the center, they said that all of the people working on my branch were professional, presented a good image, and kept the complex disruption to a minimum as they worked. Both Trent and Tyler went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the space.

They worked quickly, but it looks amazing. I would recommend them to my friends and clients for commercial construction. They work all over Atlanta, so I recommend we keep them on the short list of contractors we reach out to for bids on new branches. They also told me that they loved working with us because of how well organized and straightforward the process was. They said we obviously knew what we wanted which made their job easier.

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